You may purchase your tickets in one of three  ways, always choosing the least expensive option.

Option 1 (preferred): Purchase your ticket from Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), UW’s preferred travel agent. CBT is an easy to use online booking tool customized for UW. Benefits include:

  • 8-15% discounts on all Alaska Airlines flights, in addition to other air, hotel and car rental discounts
  • Pre-loaded per diem rates
  • Option to book online or with an agent, using one of five UW-dedicated 24/7 full-service agents
  • Stored credit card information
  • Cheaper booking fees
  • Easy to navigate dashboard

Getting started is easy- the first step is creating a traveler profile from this link: CBT- Creating Profile

Your travel profile will be linked to an Evans School departmental account, so approval and payment will be made easy. When setting up your profile, make sure to respond to the “school/college/department/office” field with “Evans School” to ensure your profile links to our departmental account.

Resources for more information:

Option 2: Purchase your ticket by going through one of the travel agents listed below. Tell the travel agent that you want to pay for the airfare using the Evans School Central Travel Account (CTA), a UW Individual Travel Card, or a personal credit card. If you choose to use a personal credit card, provide the fare basis code “YCAWA” during purchase.

If you would like a refundable ticket, tell the travel agent that you would like contract airfare rates, which allow for full reimbursement of the ticket by the airline agency if travel plans are canceled. Find out more about this policy on the main UW Air Travel website.

We prefer that you use the CTA during business hours as it is the most cost-effective and efficient method of payment available to us. Once you have confirmed a particular itinerary with one of the below travel agencies, the itinerary will be routed to the Evans School Fiscal Team for approval on the CTA. Once approved, the agency will issue the ticket to you.

Option 3: Purchase your own ticket and submit a receipt or email confirmation to Finance and Administration  for reimbursement with a complete itinerary, breakdown of the airfare, and completed Travel Reimbursement Request Form. Depending on the terms and conditions of your purchase, this option may not be refundable by the airline agency if your travel plans are cancelled. If you purchased a non-refundable airfare ticket, you can still be reimbursed by the Evans School as long as you have an allowed justification.

All travel processes are managed by Finance and Administration. Please contact for more information.

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