Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Master of Public Policy

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s (HKUST) interdisciplinary public policy program empowers students to apply innovations in science and technology to current and emerging global policy challenges. The program equips students with a core set of skills in data analytics, economic analysis and management, which are then applied across sectors, issue areas, and geographies.

Graduates of have a guaranteed 12-month visa to work in Hong Kong after graduation, enabling students from outside Hong Kong to explore a myriad of training and career opportunities in this dynamic and cosmopolitan city. 

Core Classes

Two required core classes incorporate a broad array of Asian- and Hong Kong-specific examples of public policy in action.

  • Foundation for Public Policy
  • Evidence in Public Policy

Elective Classes (4 – 6 required)

Four to six required elective courses are selected from a broad array of options within the Division of Public Policy and, with approval from the Program Director, other divisions of the university.

Specialization (optional)

A specialization consists of at least four 3-credit courses, of which at least two are offered by the Division of Public Policy. Students pursuing this option must choose their elective coursework based on the requirements for specialization. Specialization is offered in the following areas:

  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. Acquire knowledge and skills essential to careers in fields where science and technology are guided by public policy, or where science and technology play an integral role in the formulation and implementation of policy solutions.
  • Environmental Policy and Sustainability. Acquire the tools, methodologies, interdisciplinary perspectives, and substantive topical knowledge to be effective in public, non-profit, and private organizations that do work related to the environment and natural resources.

Client-Based Policy Analysis Project

Teams apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt from the program to analyze policy issues, develop solutions and produce professional reports for the client organizations.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

HKUST is a dynamic, international research university in relentless pursuit of excellence; leading advances in science, technology, business and humanities, and educating new generations of global front-runners. In less than three decades, HKUST has risen rapidly in the global academic arena and has been ranked as one of the best universities in Asia and globally by global university rankings.

As well as a gateway to mainland China, and part of the Greater Pearl River Delta Area, Hong Kong is not only a global business, science and technology innovation hub, but also home to an extremely active cultural scene.

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