Dual degree offered: Evans’s School Global Master in Public Administration + Tsinghua University’s Master in Public Administration (Big Data and Global Governance)

About the partner:

Tsinghua University is consistently ranked among the best research universities in the world, and was in 2018 ranked #1 among all Chinese universities.  Founded in 1911, it is located on a large campus renowned for its beauty in Beijing’s dynamic Zhongguancun, a technology hub often referred to as ‘Beijing’s Silicon Valley’.  Students have access to dormitory accommodations on and near campus.

Tsinghua’s School of Public Policy & Management was the first graduate school of public administration to be established in China, and the first outside of the United States to gain accreditation from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, the “gold standard” in public affairs education.  It offers numerous programs in English for a broad range of students from China and around the world.

About the curriculum:

Affiliated with the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) between the University of Washington and Tsinghua University, this two-year, dual-degree program is designed as a launch pad for students interested in data analytics in its varied applications to public policy.  Students in the second year of this program take a range of courses that expose students to multiple methods of data analysis as they may inform critical public problem solving.  Both their capstone project at Evans, and the academic thesis they will complete at Tsinghua, aim to explore this cutting-edge area of policy innovation, using multiple examples from around the world.

The following are among the core and elective courses available in the second year (all offered in English).

Sample Plan of Study

  Course Credits
Language: Chinese (required for non-Chinese); English (required for Chinese) 2
Chinese History and Culture (required for non-Chinese); Chinese Socialism (required for Chinese) 3
Intellectual History of Public Administration (core) 3
Information Technology and Modern Governance (core) 3
Politics and Government in China (core) 3
Population, Health and Development (elective) 3
Urbanization and Social Development (elective) 3
Environment, Climate, and Governance (elective) 3
Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Practice (elective) 3
Thesis Proposal (required) 1
Total Autumn Credits Selected with Advisor
Decision Science, Data Analytics, and Public Policy Making (core) 3
Modern Chinese Government and Development Administration (core) 3
GIS I or II (core) 3
Urban Simulation and Urban Governance (core) 3
Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (elective) 3
Ethics and Leadership  (elective) 3
Field Trip (required) 3
Total Spring Credits Selected with Advisor
Year 2 Autumn and Spring Quarters Total Credits 21
Note: Students are also encouraged to elect other courses offered in the entire curricula of the College. Program director approval needed.

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