July 27, 2018

Grant Blume Participating in UW Collegium Seminar

Evans School Acting Assistant Professor Grant Blume will be part of the UW’s 18-19 Collegium Seminar lineup. These seminars are 1-2 credit discussion-based courses for UW undergrad freshmen.

Blume’s course, “Washington wondered – what do we do now that marijuana is legal?”, explores how elected leaders, public administrators, and the state’s fledging cannabis industry has grappled with regulating, taxing, and monitoring the production and sale of a product that is still illegal in most states and at the federal level.

Using this case study in democracy, public policy, and governance, Blume says this about teaching in a UW Collegium Seminar:

“I’m teaching a Collegium Seminar because I want students, early on in their undergraduate experience, to get excited about the incredible opportunities and rewards that come from a career in public service. “Public policy” and “governance” aren’t necessarily words we throw around every day but they belong in the vocabulary of any undergraduate who wants to make their community, their country, or the world a better place.”

Check out the other seminars offered here: http://collegium.uw.edu/