Public Service Clinics

During their last year of study, Evans School MPA students are required to complete a capstone project, which demonstrates mastery of analytic and organizational skills. Many students choose to fulfill this requirement through participation in our Public Service Clinics program.

For more than a decade, Public Service Clinics student consultant teams have been producing program evaluations, strategic plans, policy analyses, and new program proposals that address the real-world needs of nonprofit and public agencies. These students are not interns helping with day-to-day administrative tasks; they are project-focused professionals working independently with key guidance and periodic assistance from you. 

How it works:

Student consultant teams are comprised of two to six skilled graduate students who provide approximately 10-12 hours of work each per week (totaling 200-250 hours of work per consultant). Students complete their projects over two academic quarters (January – June) and their work is supervised by experienced Evans School faculty.

Examples of projects:

  • Conducting organizational policy research, including stakeholder analyses, feasibility studies, and strategic plans
  • Conducting funding or donor analyses and developing organizational funding strategies
  • Evaluating public policy initiatives and program options or support structures behind them
  • Developing program evaluation strategies, performance assessment plans, or impact studies for funders or authorizing stakeholders

Step 1: Submit a proposal (July-September)

Strong project proposals should include the following:

  • A feasible program scope for a team of two to four consultants and a five-month timeline
  • A clearly-stated problem, challenge, or opportunity to be addressed by the project
  • An emphasis on value-added research that can be conducted by an offsite team
  • Clear and achievable deliverables, including but not limited to written reports, presentations to decision-makers or board officers, or tools to aid in program implementation
  • Clear reporting assignments, including timetables for regular meetings, primary points of contact, and written expectations of the consultant team and your organization

Some sample proposals to guide you: Sample 1; Sample 2; Sample 3.

Complete this form to submit your proposal

Step 2: Proposal Review & Matching Process (November)

Once your proposal is reviewed and accepted by the Evans School, it will be posted online for student consultants to review and select. If your project is not matched with a consultant team, we will make the project available for students pursuing other research projects.

Step 3: Three-Way Meeting (December and January)

After your project is matched with a consultant team, you will meet with the consultants and their faculty advisor to draft a Letter of Agreement using our template.

Step 4: Participation Fee (February and June)

The Public Service Clinic participation fee is $1,850 per project payable in two installments of $925. The first payment is due upon signing a letter of agreement (February) and the second is due upon acceptance of the final product (June).

Limited financial assistance is available to organizations that cannot afford to pay the full fee. Those agencies can request assistance as part of the online proposal process. Please note that this process is competitive.

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