May 1, 2020

Managing Your Job Search in the Era of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably changed the shape of the job market and will pose new, unforeseen challenges for job seekers. There is a wealth of resources, articles, and recorded webinars available to guide you in managing a career transition during this time. We are keeping up with these developments, so you don’t have to.  

Over the coming months, we will share the best resources available to answer the questions most commonly asked by our community of students and alumni, including how to stand out in a contracted job market, alternatives to internships, and how to engage in genuine, yet virtual, networking.  

Today, we offer you our top three tips for job searching during this time. 

  • Balance patience and speed. Most organizations are in a state of flux as they contract or rapidly expand their teams in response to changing demands. Be patient in your search but be prepared to submit your application quickly when an opportunity arises. Ensure your resume and online employment profiles are updated in advance.  
  • Build professional connections for a competitive edge. Do not hesitate to ask for informational interviews while working remotely. Use time with new and trusted contacts to learn more about the industry, the work, an agency, or to gather advice and gain potential new networking contacts. It is also wise to follow up on submitted applications, especially as the timelines for hiring processes may have shifted.  
  • Be flexible. Securing a relevant position may mean being willing to relocate or being open to applying your skills in different policy areas.  Resources are being diverted to many areas where Evans School graduates can make an impact—health and human services, workforce development, economic recovery, disaster response, fiscal management, and public-private partnerships, to name a few. If you stay true to your policy and public administration skills, you will wield them to the benefit of many areas.  

While the crisis will impact and change our economy, it will also require the contributions of capable public administrators to get through it. Our world needs measured and analytical leaders who will guide the policies and solutions benefitting the public. The Evans School is proud to provide part of that training for you to go be the difference. 

Questions? Reach out to Director of Career Development Shannon Merchant at