December 19, 2018

Moving Day!

At long last, today is the day!  The movers are here and our colleagues with Absher Construction have started to open up a few walls to get a better look at what’s inside.

I wanted to note my sincere appreciation on this day to so many who got us to this point, as it represents such an important milestone for our school.  Thank you to our faculty, students, and staff for your patience and flexibility as we pack up Parrington Hall and settle into our new temporary home.  And thank you to our generous donors who have made this all possible.

Two years ago, this was a dream. 

But a handful of Evans School champions set this project in motion with their catalytic leadership gifts. Then the State Legislature, who understood this to be a worthy project for investment, committed $10 million to this project.  And finally, to bring this project to fruition, more than 400 individual alumni and friends stepped forward to make financial contributions in honor of future Evans School students. 

“Home is where your heart is” – a cliché that lends itself well to the upcoming 18 months.  We will be able to make Condon Hall a wonderful temporary home for the Evans School.  But of course I already can’t wait for the school to move back into Parrington Hall in its renewed state. 

I am so excited that we have launched our school into this next chapter – I hope you feel the same excitement that I do for all that is to come for our great school. 

So cheers to an important milestone, and best wishes for a happy holiday,


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