Purchases over the direct buy limit of $10,000 are required to go through the competitive bidding process. Competition; the process by which contractors vie to secure the business of the University of Washington by offering the most favorable terms as to price, quality, delivery and/or service; is achieved by issuing a solicitation through the Evans School Purchasing Coordinator. There are two types of solicitations:

  • An informal competition (estimate for the services is $10,000-$99,999)
  • A formal competition (estimate for services is $100,000 or higher)

Both types of solicitations require detailed documentation about the services we are seeking. Formal competitions are advertised through the Washington Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) system for 5 business days. If you have a contractor in mind for the project, they can apply once the solicitation has been issued. Please see Sole Source Justification to see if your contractor is uniquely qualified to perform the required duties.

The competitive bidding process for Personal Service Contracts is managed by Finance and Research Services. Contact evansfiscalsupport@uw.edu if you have additional questions.

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