Lots of very useful and detailed information here  (but always check with your budget manager to confirm appropriate procedures).

Seriously consider trip insurance – this may be well worth the cost.  Check with your budget manager to make sure this expense is allowable on your budget.

Travel information sites

However -- check with your budget manager – there may be policies and procedures specific to the Evans School and/or your funding source.


It is important for insurance purposes that the Risk Management office have a complete list of employees who work on university business outside the U.S. Please use the UW Employee Abroad Reporting Form to register. The form can be returned to Risk Manager at Box 351276 or e-mailed to Carolyn Wenzl at  Form:

Know before you go

What are you going to be reimbursed for; what will you not be reimbursed for? What will you need to buy during your travels; how will you pay?

Getting money before the trip

Faculty should use a UW individual corporate travel card (unless individual bank card has foreign exchange rate lower than 1%).  On grants it’s hard to justify paying a higher exchange rate on personal credit cards when this lower option is readily available to UW faculty and permanent staff.

Per diem advances are available for those without the corporate travel card.  See website for more info   Submit your request at least 5 business days before the day you need the advance (but preferably request it sooner).

Field advances are available as approved by faculty and budget manager.   The custodian of a field advance is financially liable for the funds, they must be used for allowable expenses, properly accounted for (receipts, etc.) and unused funds must be returned.  Faculty advisor must be the custodian for field advance intended for use by students.  Field advances are not to be used for individual travel expenses except under special circumstances. Submit your Request for Field Advance form to your budget manager at least ten business days before you need the funds.  Do not submit the form directly to the address on the website.

The State of Washington must approve use of bank accounts outside the state (including foreign).   The form is on the field advance website and should be submitted to your budget manager.

Export Control

Typically this is not an issue for Evans School travel but complete the Decision Tree to be sure

Taking equipment abroad

When University faculty, students, or staff are traveling out of the country with owned and/or personal equipment (as carry-on or checked baggage), it is important to be prepared to document the original purchase upon returning to the U.S. to avoid having to pay duty tax.  If the traveler chooses not to bring documentation, the UW will not reimburse them if they are charged duty tax.

If you’re taking UW equipment abroad provide your budget manager with the model, serial number and state id number at least 5 days before you trip.  You’ll receive an authorization for use letter for the equipment.

Passport, Visas, Travel Alerts And Restrictions

What to Do in Case of an Emergency

Before traveling, the UW traveler should print the On Call membership card and carry it while abroad.

In case of an emergency:

  • Contact On Call International
    • Collect:  +1-603-328-1358
    • Toll free: 855-464-8971
  • To ensure a prompt response when calling, the caller should be prepared to provide the following:
  • Your name, location, age, sex, and nationality.
  • The program with which you are associated: UW off-campus program in _______.
  • The telephone number from which you are calling (in case you are disconnected).
  • Your relationship to the member (if the person calling is not you).
  • Name location, and telephone number of the hospital or clinic (when applicable).
  • Name, location, and telephone number for the treating doctor, and where the doctor can be reached (when applicable).

Best administrative practices while traveling

Do not pay anything for someone else.  Keep your expenses separate from fellow travelers.

Keep all receipts.

At the time you receive a receipt write on it what it was for, the date, and the location.  Add tip where applicable.  You may think you’ll remember all of this later, or that the receipt will be readable later.  Usually this isn’t the case. Hotel reimbursement requires a folio from the hotel if hotel was not prepaid.