The Scope of Work (SOW) is a written description of services the contractor is expected to provide. The SOW is a concise outline of expectations including:

  • A description of the service, work, and/or tasks the contractor will provide.
  • Outline of deliverables and due dates.
  • Dates the service will begin and end.
  • The number of hours and days the contractor will devote to the project and at what rate they will be paid per hour or day.
  • State explicitly the amount of money that the personal service contract is not to exceed, if applicable.
  • Include any travel costs that may be associated with the execution of the contract.
  • This document must also state whether or not the contractor is a current employee of the State of Washington or has been an employee of the University of Washington within the current calendar year.

The SOW aids to protect the Evans School should any dispute occur over the tasks the contractor has been hired to perform, therefore this document should be signed by the contractor.

Contact the Evans School Purchasing Coordinator at if you have additional questions.

Scope of Work samples

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