The Sole Source Statement (Sole Source) is only necessary for Personal Service Contracts (PSC) over $10,000. A Sole Source is a “method of acquisition” and it is not to be used to avoid competition. A sole source purchase means that only one supplier or source, to the best of the requester's knowledge and belief, based upon thorough research, is capable of delivering the required product or service. Similar types of goods and services may exist, but only one supplier, for reasons of expertise, and/or standardization, quality, compatibility with existing equipment, specifications, or availability, is the only source that is acceptable to meet a specific need. A sole source justification is required if a contractor is uniquely qualified to perform the work.

The Sole Source is written by the Evans School employee requesting the PSC. This document should state explicitly that this contractor is the only qualified candidate who would be able to fill the position even if the PSC was put out to bid. If the contractor is specifically written into a grant or contract, you need only write a statement explaining that the sponsoring agency explicitly approved this contractor and that is why they were selected for the work or service.

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