Registration for Incoming Students Opens on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Registration Preparation

1. Make sure you have satisfied the University of Washington’s proof of measles immunity requirement. The university will not allow students to register until they have provided proof of measles immunity. If you have not already received information from UW regarding proof of immunity, please call the Hall Health Primary Care Center at 206-616-4672 for information.

2. Set up your UW NetID, if you have not already done so. You must have a working UW NetID in order to access the UW web-based registration system, MyUW.

3. Plan your course schedule and create a backup plan. Autumn Quarter 2019 Evans School course listings can be found on the University of Washington Time Schedule. Full-time incoming MPA students should register for one section of each of the three following core classes and corresponding "quiz" sections:

  • PUBPOL 511 Managing the Policy Process (4 credits)
  • PUBPOL 516 Economics for Policy Analysis and Management I (4 credits)
  • PUBPOL 522 Public Budgeting and Financial Management (4 credits)

These classes will total 12 credits, giving you full-time student status. We recommend that you focus on these three courses during your first quarter while you are adjusting to graduate school, and do not expect new students to take elective coursework.

If you intend to enroll part-time, please view our recommended part-time track and contact Student Services.

There are several sections of each core class, each with its own SLN (the four-digit “Schedule Line Number” preceding the course title). When registering, be sure to use the correct SLN for the course time that you have selected. Each course section will also have an attached "quiz" section (think of this as a disucssion/review session) with its own SLN. You must pick a course section AND a corresponding quiz section. For example, if you register for 511 A, you must register for either the 511 AA or 511 AB quiz section. Please note that attending your weekly quiz sessions is required.

4. If you received disability accommodations during undergrad, such as priority registration or extended test time, we strongly encourage you to contact Disability Resources for Students now regarding possible accommodations. 

5. At 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Monday, June 24, the UW web-based registration system, MyUW, will open for Autumn Quarter registration. We advise logging in to MyUW a few minutes early to get situated, as the courses may fill up quickly (there are enough spots for all new students in the core courses, but there are a limited number of spaces within each course section). Detailed information about how to register is available in the UW Student Systems Help Center. We recommend you follow the "Registering with an SLN" process rather than using MyPlan. 

Advice from Current Students

Current students use a few different methods to register for classes: MyPlan, Schedule Finder, and a manual registration option. MyPlan and Schedule Finder allow students to register for a pre-planned full class schedule at one time, while the manual registration option is more flexible. At 6:00 a.m., everyone will register for classes at the same time. Here are a few registration tips from current Student Ambassadors:

  • If you use MyPlan, be aware that it tries to register you for all three classes at the times you have selected at once. If one of those classes is full then MyPlan will NOT register you for any of your classes. It is wise to have several backup schedules with different times in case this happens. 
  • If the class time you wanted fills up, sign up for notifications in case a spot opens up  in your preferred section before the start of Autumn Quarter. Wait lists for core course sections will open later in the summer - Student Services will send out an email with details when the wait lists open. Faculty will use the wait lists during the first week of classes to allocate any open spots in a section.
  • Do NOT email the professor directly for an add code for a core course. They do not have access to add codes for the core courses.
  • Keep a list of the SLNs for your backup classes. Depending upon the registration method, it is sometimes easier to quickly copy and paste an SLN and resubmit your schedule.