The capstone project, completed through the Student Consulting Labintegrates knowledge and skills gained in the MPA program. The team-based project serves as an opportunity to further develop a student’s specialization, to expand networks in the community, and to create a significant sample of work. All projects include a written report; however, the length, format, and content of the projects vary tremendously depending on the type and scope of the work. Through their team project, students demonstrate their abilities to apply the skills from their coursework to real-world problems.

Team size will vary, generally between 3 to 5 students, dependent upon the project scope.

Special Situations

  • Concurrent degree students can count their master's thesis in lieu of a capstone project when the thesis has a substantial policy/management component and an Evans School faculty member is on the thesis committee.
  • In rare cases, the Graduate Program Coordinator may approve individual, research-oriented capstone projects supervised by individual faculty. This option is primarily intended for students who have an interest in subsequent doctoral studies.