To earn an Evans School Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, students must complete:

Concurrent degree students should consult the student handbook regarding their requirements. 

A degree requirements checklist and planning forms are available to help students plan how to meet their degree requirements. 

Core Courses (36 credits)

Taken in sequence, typically during the first year of study, these courses help students develop fundamental policy and management skills.

  • Microeconomic Policy Analysis (PUBPOL 516)
  • Microeconomic Management Analysis (PUBPOL 517)
  • Managing Politics & the Policy Process (PUBPOL 511)
  • Managing Organizational Performance (PUBPOL 512)
  • Public Budgeting & Financial Management (PUBPOL 522)
  • Quantitative Analysis I & II (PUBPOL 527/528)
  • Public Policy Analysis (PUBPOL 513)
  • Program Evaluation (PUBPOL 526)

It is possible for students with prior academic or professional experience in a subject area to waive the relevant core course. 

Electives (28 credits)

Through their elective coursework, students focus on one or more areas of specialization and take an approved values, ethics, and equity elective course. Students can count up to 12 graduate-level credits in other UW departments toward the MPA. 

Please note that any 400-level course needs to be approved in advance of registration to count toward the MPA. For 400-level courses, please send the syllabus to Student Services; staff will notify students whether the course has been approved. 

Capstone Projects (8 credits)

The capstone project, completed during Winter and Spring Quarter of the second year, integrates knowledge and skills gained in the MPA program. The team-based project serves as an opportunity to further develop a student’s specialization, to expand networks in the community, and to create a significant sample of work.

For more information, view the student handbook or contact the Evans School Student Services office at or 206.543.4900.