We are pleased to welcome you to the Evans School! Below are various suggested resources to help you prepare for the fall.

Practice Math Problems

These math problems are for incoming MPA students to practice some of the algebraic operations that will be required in PUBPOL 516: Microeconomics. The document is not a comprehensive math review for PUBPOL 516 or for the Evans School MPA. Instead, the goal of this document is to provide practice on topics that tend to cause difficulties at the start of fall term for students who do not like math or who have not taken a math course in many years. Faculty have shared that students who are able to quickly and correctly solve all of these problems when they begin the MPA program will have an advantage on quizzes and exams. Students who have difficulty with the practice set of math problems may wish to consider Math Camp and the online tutorials included in the statistics and economics links below.

Math Practice Problem Set

Solution Key for Math Practice Problem Set

Math Camp

Math Camp will take place in September 2019 (specific dates TBD), and will cost $60. Learn more

Waiver Examinations

Incoming students with prior substantial academic background in particular subject areas (economics and statistics) are encouraged to take waiver examinations during orientation in September, to waive particular core courses. Learn more

Resources Recommended by Faculty

To help incoming MPA students prepare to begin the program, Evans School faculty recommend the following resources. While review of these resources is optional, many past students and graduates have shared that advance preparation is extremely beneficial to help gear up for the program.



U.S. Government and American Political Thought

Financial Management

Writing in Policy Analysis


Diversity and Inequality


Popular Culture

  • “The West Wing”
  • “The Wire”
  • “Yes, Prime Minister”

Resources for International Students

Additional resources are available here for students with time and interest in further preparation.