The Evans School Student Organization (ESO) serves as the liaison between the Evans School student body and the faculty and administration. ESO places students on most faculty committees and plays a key role in

  • Developing curriculum
  • Hiring faculty members
  • Shaping academic policies
  • Evaluating courses and professors
  • Setting degree requirements

The ESO is a student-elected body made up of

  • Nine second-year students who serve as president, vice president of advocacy, vice president of programming, treasurer, outreach and communications manager, operations lead, second year event lead, second year advocacy lead, and second-year international representative
  • Three first-year students who serve as first-year event lead, first-year international representative, and first-year advocacy lead
  • Two GPSS (UW Senate) representatives (one second-year and one first-year)

We believe in the value of all the different perspectives in the Evans School community, independently of race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political background. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected among the Evans School community.

For more information about ESO events, contact one of the current officers:

You can also find out more about other Evans School student organizations by contacting the Student Services office at or 206.543.4900.

In addition to day-to-day responsibilities such as selling merchandise and ESOcial, ESO activities include:

Autumn Quarter

  • Orientation picnic
  • Orientation happy hour
  • Winter ball
  • Autumn quarter pub crawl
  • First year ESO elections
  • Merchandise sales

Winter Quarter

  • Winter term pub crawl
  • Annual ESO talent show and silent auction
  • Joint Activity with Business School

Spring Quarter

  • Elections for second-year ESO officers
  • Conducting and all-student survey and report to the dean
  • Organizing and hosting the end of year ball
  • Field day with the UW Law School
  • Select ambassadors for following school year
  • Capstone project symposium