2019 Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees
Congratulations to the following Evans School students and alumni, who were honored on March 7, 2019, and formally inducted as members of Pi Alpha Alpha (PAA). PAA is the national honor society for Public Affairs and Administration, a program of the National Association for Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). PAA is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and recognizing outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration as well as fostering integrity, professionalism, and creative performance in public and nonprofit service. Formed in 2007, the Evans School PAA chapter welcomes applications from students and alumni who meet PAA’s membership criteria.

2019 Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees

  • Rosa Ammon-Ciaglo
  • Paul Bakker
  • Lauren Elizabeth Ballinger
  • Claire Baron
  • Jasmine Hei Chan
  • Danya Clevenger
  • Christopher Michael Drobnicki
  • Elan Ebeling
  • Annie Rose Favreau
  • Terry Fletcher
  • Brian Thomas Graham
  • Min Guo
  • Siwen Hao
  • Nida Haroon
  • Melissa Howlett
  • Ali Kamenz
  • Zachary A. Kearl
  • Winston B Kelly
  • Ian Andrew Kowalski Di Virgilio
  • Melanie Nicole Magnotto
  • Aline Moch Islas
  • Emily Morton
  • Casey Moser
  • Liesl Olson
  • Carter Osborne
  • Jordan Elizabeth Pahl
  • Andrea Peterman
  • Kels Phelps
  • Michael Pinkham
  • Natalie Pond
  • Mahika Rangnekar
  • Erica M. Ratner
  • Theodore Richardson
  • Jennifer Schauer 
  • Matthew C. Schoenfeld
  • Alexa Schreier
  • Abe Smith-Groening
  • Micah Stanovsky
  • Isabella Sun
  • Catarina Tarvin
  • Shelby Bishop Thomas
  • Shomya Tripathy
  • Marcela Isabel Vázquez Luna
  • Qiqi Wang
  • Quinn Ziegler

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Membership Requirements

  • Successful completion of at least 50% of required Evans School Master of Public Administration (MPA) coursework
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.7

Membership Benefits

Joining the Evans School Chapter of PAA will allow you to:

  • Be recognized at the PAA Induction Ceremony
  • Highlight your academic achievement on your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Become part of the Evans School and national networks of PAA members
  • Stay connected to the Evans School, alumni, and current students

Membership Applications & Fees

Applications are accepted once a year, typically between November and January, with a formal induction ceremony every spring. The application fee is $65 for current students and $70 for alumni. Contact Caitlin Blomquist with any questions.

For more information about other Evans School student organizations, contact the Student Services office at evansdss@uw.edu or 206.543.4900.