Who we are 
Partnership for Community & Diversity (PCD) is a group of graduate students committed to promoting diversity and social justice at the Evans School.

PCD works to build a diverse, inclusive community at Evans that equips students to be effective, informed leaders in our communities. We seek an Evans School where students, staff, and faculty support one-another, and recognize the challenges faced by marginalized communities.

PCD strives to be a collaborative, compassionate place for increasing and sustaining racial and social equity in the Evans School, igniting change within ourselves, our curricula, and our institutions.

How we strive to meet our mission

  • Advocate for policy changes within Evans regarding racial and social equity.
  • Collaborate with other Student Interest Groups on academic and social activities, in an effort to be intersectional in our approach to our work.
  • Provide a space to socialize, volunteer, and discuss issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

PCD Leaders 2018-2019

  • Casey Moser
  • Maria Zepeda Flores
  • General email

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For more information about Partnership for Community & Diversity and other Evans School student organizations, contact the Student Services office at evansdss@uw.edu or 206.543.4900.