The Race Action Committee at Evans (R.A.C.E.) uses our experience, education, and networks to combat policies that uphold discriminatory systems. In the wake of the non-indictment in Ferguson after the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, R.A.C.E. formed to develop working relationships across the UW community as well as the broader King County region, identifying policy areas where we can apply our skills to combat institutional racism. 

R.A.C.E. develops working groups made up of driven, talented, and extremely committed graduate student volunteers who push initiatives forward by meeting with community leaders, conducting research on local policies, formulating policy solutions, and providing enhanced educational opportunities. Working groups include: 

  • Housing 
  • Political Access 
  • Incarceration/Policing 
  • Education 

To find out more about R.A.C.E. and upcoming events sign up on Facebook, or contact:

R.A.C.E. 2017-18 Leadership:

You can also find out more about other Evans School student organizations by contacting the Student Services office at or 206.543.4900.