The following awards are presented to Evans School students during the annual Convocation ceremony at the end of Spring Quarter.

Nomination Criteria

Evans School Student Prizes will be awarded for exceptional capstone projects that exemplify the following:

  • Clarity of problem definition. 
    • Did this project clearly and concisely frame the issue to be addressed?  
  • Selection and precision of methods. 
    • Did the project employ methods appropriate to the nature of the problem? 
    • Were these methods executed with care and attention to detail?
  • Incorporating diverse perspectives. 
    • Did the project consider the viewpoints of all relevant stakeholders, with particular attention to stakeholder groups who might ordinarily be marginalized?
  • Honest, thorough acknowledgement of limitations. 
    • Does the project exhibit awareness of its limits?
  • Alignment of findings and recommendations. 
    • Did the project offer insightful interpretation of evidence? 
    • Are recommendations offered consistent with the findings and mindful of their limitations?

The EMPA Outstanding Case Study Award will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of research, the coherence and quality of the case writing, as well as the academic grounding of the case teaching note and the appropriateness of the teaching note to the lessons of the case.

Awards Presented to Students in June 2016 and earlier