It is possible for MPA students with prior substantial academic or professional background and experience in a subject area to waive the relevant core course by taking an exam or submitting prior work:

  • PUBPOL 513 Public Policy Analysis (submission of prior work)
  • PUBPOL 516 Economics for Policy Analysis and Management I (waiver exam during orientation)
  • PUBPOL 522 Budgeting & Financial Analysis (waiver exam during orientation)
  • PUBPOL 527 Quantitative Analysis I (submission of prior work)
  • PUBPOL 528 Quantitative Analysis II (submission of prior work)

Sample syllabi are available here. Waiver requests for PUBPOL 511, 512, 517, and 526 will not be considered.

Students who receive a waiver will be exempt from the core requirement(s) in question. Incoming students with prior academic or professional experience in these subject areas are strongly encouraged to take the waiver exam or submit prior work.

IMPORTANT: A waiver of a core course does not represent four completed graduate credits. However, it does free up an additional four units of graduate credit that students can apply to other areas of their curriculum plan, such as elective or specialization courses.

Waivers and substitutions not described above are not permitted. Students should consult the Student Handbook for more information.

Waiver exams will take place during orientation in September, and registration for waiver exams will open during August 2019.