The purpose of this information is to outline your responsibilities as a UW employee for understanding what is conflict of interest and how it relates to your activities, and what is outside consulting and what prior approval and annual reports are required.

The university's philosophy on conflict of interest is that none of its faculty, librarians, staff, or officials shall engage in any activities that place them in a conflict of interest between their official activities and any other interest or obligation. Several policies and guidelines have been issued in recognition of the need for guidance in this area and in the related areas of ethical standards and codes of conduct.

Please direct your attention to the University of Washington’s Office of Sponsored Programs website concerning various policies and procedures for outside activities and conflicts of interest.


  • Each member of the faculty, librarians, and other academic personnel shall submit a summary of all outside professional work, both for remuneration and for public or community service, for the previous academic year, to the Dean, Director of University Libraries, or Vice President, with a copy to the Provost, by November 15 of each year. The policy can be found on the Office of Sponsored Programs website.