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Turn on the data projector

  1. When you have selected your media source, press the [Send to Projector] button.
  2. The projector will begin to warmup, which will take about 60 seconds.
  3. When the projector turns on, a green light should be visible on the projector.
  4. If the projector does not turn on, press the [Room Controls] button and select [Projector On].

Apple AirPlay

  1. When the projector is ON select [Wireless Video] > [Apple TV] > [Send to Projector].
  2. Initiate Apple Airplay connection on your MacBook or iPad.
  3. Enter the access code that will appear on the projector screen after a few moments into your Apple device.

Laptop Connections

  1. Connect your laptop to either the VGA or HDMI cables from the large black cable originating from the closet behind the projector screen.
  2. Ensure that [Laptop] and [Auto Detect] is selected on the touch screen and press [Send to Projector].

Alternatively, you can connect a VGA or HDMI cable from your laptop to the TX 1 or TX 2 inputs and select the respective media source on the touch screen.

Document Camera

  1. Connect the document camera to either the TX 2 or TX 1 outlets using a VGA cable (there is a VGA cable provided that is already connected to the TX 2 input)
  2. Select the corresponding TX 2 or TX 1 media source on the touch panel and press [Send to Projector]

You will be able to freely switch between the document camera and other media source using the touch screen. Press the [Send to Projector] button each time you select a different media source.

Air Media (PC)

  1. When the projector is ON press the [Wireless Video] button and select [Air Media].
  2. Follow the directions shown on the touch screen using your computer.
  3. After selecting your device in the list displayed on the touch panel press [Send to Projector].