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The International Development program option provides MPA students the opportunity to acquire the tools, methodologies, interdisciplinary perspectives, and substantive topic knowledge necessary to be successful analysts, managers, and leaders in the field of international development.

A program option is transcriptable.  Students who complete all of the required coursework will have the following listed on their transcript upon graduation: Master of Public Administration (International Development).

The Evans School’s International Development program option requirements are:

  1. Completion of all MPA program core requirements, as outlined in the MPA Student Handbook, including 36 core credits, one values elective, fulfillment of the Evans School’s capstone requirement (preferably on an international development topic), and completion of a total of 72 credits (of which at least 60 must be PUBPOL credits) to earn the MPA degree.
  2. Completion of two required four-credit courses:
    • PUBPOL 531 Development Management and Governance
    • PUBPOL 533 Economics of International Development
  3. Completion of at least two of the following elective courses (Note: not every course will be offered every year):
    • PUBPOL 534 Food and Agricultural Policy in Developing Countries
    • PUBPOL 535 American Foreign Policy
    • PUBPOL 537 Diagnosing and Reforming Corrupt Systems
    • PUBPOL 537 Development Practice: Financial Inclusion and Poverty Reduction
    • PUBPOL 538 International Organizations & Ocean Management
    • PUBPOL 539 Values in International Development
    • PUBPOL 541 The Role of NGOs in International Development
    • PUBPOL 595 Environmental Governance in the Developing World
    • PUBPOL 599 Advanced Program Evaluation

2017-18 Program Information

This program is only open to current Evans School MPA students, who are eligible to complete the program option after their first year of study. Current MPA students should contact with any questions.

Prospective students: Please contact our Office of Admissions with any questions.