Expertise, Collaboration, Innovation

Addressing the challenges faced by society requires educated leaders, accurate information, and prudent decisions. This combination – and no small amount of hard work – defines the path toward solving complex issues.

Expertise Leaders need facts to help them make appropriate choices, so they look to experts: people whose careers are devoted to gaining knowledge. Their discoveries – both intellectual and practical – lead to more precise methods for gathering, studying, and analyzing data.

Collaboration Policies don’t exist in a vacuum; they reach across cities, sectors, and disciplines. With so many elements tied together, problems cannot be approached from a single perspective – and at the Evans School, they aren’t. Our faculty’s economists, social and political scientists, and environmentalists pool their considerable knowledge to address the difficult challenges.

Innovation What happens when scholars combine an interdisciplinary approach with expertise and rigor? New questions get asked and new possibilities arise – in short, innovation happens. And when policymakers apply evidence-based research with a cutting-edge method, problems get solved. And that’s our impact.

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