Interact with our data in the visualizations below. 


Smallholder Farmer Patterns Viz
This data visualization explores the usefulness of the AGRA 2017 Africa Agriculture Status Report classifications for differentiating among smallholder farm households in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
This visualization summarizes data on plot ownership, plot title/certificates, and gender across Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nigeria over time using data from the LSMS-ISA household panel surveys.
Mobile Money Visualization
This visualization presents data on mobile money awareness, adoption, and use across sub-populatoins and over time in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Digital Credit Products Visualization

This visualization summarizes data on characteristics of 68 digital credit products across five countries. 

Ag R&D Investments by Crop Production

This visualization explores the relationship between public agricultural research funding and indicators of crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa.

National Identity Visualization

This visualization summarizes data on national identity programs in 43 countries. Legally instituted forms of personal identification are integral to civic inclusion.

Visualizing Agricultural Productivity

This visualization explores relationships in data from Tanzania that illustrate the complex dynamics of agricultural production decisions at the farm level.