Professor Justin Marlowe’s General Principles

  • The point of the poster is to convey your main findings in a simple, straightforward way. Don’t try to summarize the entire paper. If people have questions about literature, methods, etc., they will read the paper.
  • Try to summarize the main findings visually, and put those main findings in the center of the poster. I design the poster so that I can explain the entire paper in twenty seconds using just the information presented in the center panel. In this example poster, for instance, the graph illustrates the punchline of my paper: “liquidity risk is a big deal in the municipal bond market since the financial crisis.” Everything else in the poster is designed to help the reader understand how I reached that conclusion.


Symposium Poster Template

Posters must be 40” x 32” (this is built into the template). Leave at least ½” margin around all edges of the poster. If you fill it from edge to edge, content will be chopped off.