Anne Althauser

Anne Althauser received her Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Washington School of Public Health, Community-Oriented Public Health Program. For her Capstone, Anne worked with the transgender community in Seattle to find ways we, as a community, can reduce stigma and discrimination towards transgender individuals. Anne also helped found the Committee on Oppression, Racism, and Education (CORE), which was instrumental in making her public health program the first in the country to commit to being anti-racist.   

Prior to grad school, Anne graduated with her BA in Sociology from the University of Washington, and then spent three years living in Paraguay as a Peace Corps Volunteer, with a focus on rural health and sanitation. Anne is interested in social determinants of health and the intersection of community movement building and policy. Anne thoroughly enjoys her job as the Research Project Coordinator for the Minimum Wage Study for these reasons.

When not on campus, Anne can be found riding her bike, cooking homemade delicacies, writing for a local news outlet, and organizing with European Dissent and ARC for Health and Justice. 

Current Position: 
Research Coordinator