Lizzy Barker

Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

Focus: Social Policy; Metropolitan and Urban Policy

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Bio: I’m a born and raised New Englander, living and working the majority of my life in Maine and New Hampshire. In what’s known as a reverse-Robert Frost, though, I’ve traded my New England living for the West Coast. I earned a B.A. in Political Science and English Teaching and my Master’s of Education at the University of New Hampshire and spent several years teaching in a rural public high school in Maine before my transcontinental transition to the Evans School. Now that the pedagogical tables have turned on me, as a student I am hoping to learn how public service can better support teachers and students in vulnerable school districts. My focus is currently in Social Policy, though I have come to appreciate many different analytical perspectives through my time at the Evans School and am hoping to supplement my studies with coursework in analysis, evaluation and budgeting.

Why did you choose Evans? Evans and Seattle were a distinct lifestyle choice for me. Throughout the decision-making process, I found myself returning repeatedly to Evans because of their warm, collaborative spirit, a strong value in balancing mental wellness with engaging academic pursuits, and willingness to embrace progressive ideas.

Ask me about: Transitioning to grad school after a few years working; moving to a new city (especially one far from home); balancing graduate school commitments with a personal life (including a long-distance life!); finding work and balancing a work-school life; Seattle coffee shops and other good study locations around Seattle; and audiobooks and podcasts good for the commute.

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