Molly Brewer

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Focus: Public Finance and Budgeting; Public Policy and Analysis

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I grew up in the small census-designated place called Deming which is nestled within the Nooksack tribal land  in the foothills of Mt Baker, 2.5 hours north of Seattle. I went to both the University of Washington and Western Washington University for my undergraduate degree. I majored in Community Recreation Management ( a cobble it together yourself type of major) where I studied the management of parks and green spaces. During my undergraduate years I worked at several organic farms in Washington and Colorado, helping to develop their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs and facilitate farm-to-table events. This experience inspired my current aspiration to work in the field of food and agriculture policy.

After graduating in 2014, I moved to Seattle and started working as a project coordinator at a large healthcare facility because I simply needed a well paying job regardless of if it fit my career interests. I never had any interest in healthcare and still don’t, but working in a large non-profit taught me that I wanted to gain specific analytical and quantitative skills that can be applied to the public sector. Now, I am focusing on both public finance and environmental policy and look forward to learning about the role of city government in sustainability initiatives in my upcoming internship.

Outside of school, I am a co-fur parent with my husband of a darling little puppy. I love to cook, garden, and travel ( I went on 9 trips last year because I knew I was going to face a financial and time drought for the next two years!)  

Why did you choose Evans? I applied to the Evans school because it was ranked highly and offered the courses I was interested in. I chose the Evans school because of the community. I got the sense that I would be supported by a community of people who have my best interests at heart, and this has been so true. The faculty go above and beyond to help you with career services. Our professors are always happy to sit down with you to chat about your studies, even if you aren’t in their course. The cohort is incredibly supportive while also challenging me to expand my perspectives.

Ask me about: Transitioning back to school after a break, working part time during school, finding a health insurance plan through the exchange (Washington Healthplan Finder), neighborhood recommendations, balancing social/family commitments with school and work, adjusting to being in the MPA program when your experience is somewhat unrelated, and strategies to stay healthy in your mind and body during grad school.

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