MBA, Harvard University

Jonathan Brock joined the Evans School faculty in 1981. His teaching and research activities are related to the activities of people working in and around public and nonprofit organizations. Much of his work has focused on conflict resolution and improving leadership and management skills and judgment.

Brock has also served as the founding director of the Evans School Cascade Executive Programs, which became the second largest public executive training center in the country. He continues to regularly instruct on-the-job managers in executive training programs offered through the Cascade Center. Brock also began the Electronic Hallway at the Evans School, which provides case studies on current and classic policy and management issues to public administration programs worldwide. He is the author ofBargaining Beyond Impasse and Managing People in Public Agencies, co-author ofGoing Public: The Role of Labor-Management Relations in Producing Quality Public Services, as well as other works on conflict resolution. Brock is also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Personnel Management Association for outstanding contributions to research and practice in public sector human resource management.

Outside of academia, Brock has held a variety of policy and management positions in the federal government, including being appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Labor as the executive director for a task force on state and local government labor-management practices. He has acted as chair of a council dealing with whistle-blower issues at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Brock holds a MBA from the Harvard Business School, and an AB in economics from Franklin and Marshall College.

Professional Title: 
Associate Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance