Kevin Cernansky

Hometown: California

Focus: Social Policy, LGBTQ Policy

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Bio: I am a first-generation graduate student from Southern California. I was born and raised in Torrance, CA and was living in Culver City prior to Seattle. I attended UCLA for my undergraduate degree and received my B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in LGBTQ Studies.

During my undergraduate experience, my independent identity began to develop as an openly queer man. The relationships I formed and opportunities I engaged in led me down the path of social justice. After graduation, I began working for the David Bohnett Foundation, a Los Angeles-based organization focused on LGBTQ rights, gun violence prevention, food recovery & food waste reduction, technology access, and the arts. Through the world of philanthropy, I recognized the disconnect between resource/funding allocation and the need of marginalized communities, which led me to pursue my Master of Public Administration.

My focus is on education and LGBTQ policy-related work at the local level. I believe community engagement and fostering authentic relationships is imperative to remedying the injustices and inequities faced by marginalized communities. Therefore, local government has the opportunity to produce tangible results, and this why I chose public policy.

Why did you choose Evans?: My experience interacting with the admissions team, the Evans community at Open House, and outside parties in the Seattle community were authentic -- I sensed a feeling of community that was not felt in other programs. As well, the incorporation of both qualitative and quantitative components was integral to my decision.

Ask me about: My volunteer experiences, love of baking (specifically, cookies), aggressively detailed Seattle restaurant spreadsheet, extensive plant collection, and tortoises.

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