Ph.D., The Ohio State University
(206) 221-6331

Dr. Carlos E. Cuevas joined the Evans School in Winter 2013. He lectures on development finance, development practice, and program evaluation.

Before joining the Evans school, Dr. Cuevas was Deputy Director of the Financial Services for the Poor initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The initiative supports the provision of financial services to low-income clients with a strong emphasis on safe savings and payments. Prior to joining the foundation in March 2009, Dr. Cuevas was Financial Sector Policy Advisory Consultant at the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) and The World Bank Group (since February 2008), and before that a Financial Sector Development Adviser at the World Bank between March 1995 and January 2008.

A specialist in rural finance and microfinance, Cuevas has worked on cooperative finance, development banking, and regulatory and supervisory issues. He managed or participated in World Bank lending operations, sector work and technical assistance worldwide during his 13 years as regular staff. Before joining the World Bank, he was a Senior Microenterprise Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank (1993-1995), and prior to that an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and Finance at The Ohio State University (1984-1993).

Dr. Cuevas holds a Master of Science degree in agricultural economics from the Catholic University of Chile and a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from The Ohio State University.

Awards and honors

  • International Alumni Award, Ohio State University, College of Agriculture, 2003.
  • Outstanding Policy Contribution Award, American Agricultural Economics Association, 1989 (group award).
  • Honorable Mention, Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award, American Agricultural Economics Association, 1985.
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation in Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University, 1984.
Professional Title: 
Senior Lecturer
International/Global Policy & Administration
Public Finance & Budgeting
Recent Publications: 
  • Cuevas, Carlos E., and Maria Pagura. 2016. Agricultural Value Chain Finance. A Guide for Bankers. World Bank.
  • Cuevas, Carlos E., and Jamie Anderson. 2016. Smallholders Households: Understanding Demand, Driving Innovation. CGAP, 2016.
  • Cuevas, Carlos E., and Klaus P. Fischer. 2006. Cooperative Financial Institutions. Issues in Governance, Regulation and Supervision. World Bank Working Paper No. 82.
  • Cuevas, Carlos E. 2000. “The Relevance and Challenges of Credit Unions Today,” in Safe Money. Building Effective Credit Unions in Latin America. Edited by Glenn Westley and Brian Branch. John Hopkins.
  • Cuevas, Carlos E., and Lynn Bennett, editors, 1996. “Sustainable Banking with the Poor,” Journal of International Development, 8, Special Issue.
  • Cuevas, Carlos E. “Intermediation Costs in an Agricultural Development Bank: A Cost-Function Approach to Measuring Scale Economies.”1988. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 70: 273-280.