Dani Fumia graduated from the Evans School Ph.D in Public Policy and Management program in 2013. Her research interests include issues of racial and gender disparities in education and crime, social policy, and econometrics and social science statistics.

Prior to starting her doctoral studies at the Evans School, Dani completed a Master’s in Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has also worked for diverse public agencies including the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, King County GIS Center, and Seattle Public Schools.  She has taught courses in statistical methods at the Evans School as well as acted as a teaching assistant for budgeting and quantitative analysis courses.

Dani’s dissertation work estimates the effect of incarceration on black-white and gender gaps in educational attainment. She is a recipient of a Mathematica Policy Research Summer Fellowship, an AERA Dissertation Grant, and a Wayne F. Placek Grant (with Prof. Marieka Klawitter).