Ph.D., University of Washington

Diana Gale is a senior lecturer emeritus at the Evans School and teaches courses through the Cascade Executive Programs.

She is currently serving as a governor's appointee to the Leadership Council of Puget Sound, which is tasked with recovering Puget Sound by 2020.

Gale is the former director of Seattle Public Utilities and the City of Seattle's Office of Management and Budget. She became the first director of Seattle Public Utilities when the department was created in 1997. She was responsible for all aspects of Seattle's utilities including water, sewer, drainage, solid waste, engineering services, and utilities customer services.

Previously, Gale served as the superintendent of the Seattle Water Department for the regional area, delivering water services to 1.2 million people. Prior to that, she was the director of Seattle's Office of Management and Budget. As budget director, she initiated a biennial budget process which resulted in the first-ever two-year budget for the City of Seattle, as well as a strategic capital investment plan and an innovative program of quality management and performance measurement. Before working as budget director, she was director of the Solid Waste Utility and executive director of the Legislative Department. As director of Solid Waste, she initiated the nationally renowned recycling and composting programs, which have led Seattle to a 44 percent recycling rate.

Diana has extensive community involvement work in the arts and the environment. She is on the Board of the Seattle Opera, the Seattle Chamber Music Festival, Long Live The Kings (a salmon restoration organization) and the International Water Management Council.  She also previously chaired the Washington State Public Works Trust Fund.

Professional Title: 
Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Public Affairs