Jamie Tugenberg

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Focus: Social Policy, Nonprofit Management

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Bio: Hey! My name is Jamie! I was born and raised in Arizona and completed my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Arizona. After graduating, I spent a little over two years working for the Superior Court in Tucson performing risk assessments on individuals post- arrest. After this, I had an opportunity to work at a non-profit in Tucson that supported victims and survivors of domestic abuse. That opportunity solidified my desire to return to school and learn more about non-profit management and social policy in order to help the communities I am passionate about!

Seattle is an amazing city (and sunnier than they say)! Outside of school I enjoy exploring the different areas of the city, going to the many farmer’s markets, trying all of the restaurants/coffee shops/breweries, and hiking in the incredible mountains nearby!

Internship: Coming soon

Why did you choose Evans? One thing that stood out to me about Evans was the program structure. As someone who had avoided most quantitative courses during undergrad, I had realized that in order for me to pursue greater work opportunities, I would need to hone those skills. I like the balance Evan’s offers between the core courses and the ability to choose electives tailored to my interests and passions.

Ask me about: Anything! But also: moving from out-of-state, transitioning back to school after working for a few years, criminal justice, restaurants and coffee shops, hiking.