Washington, D.C.

Bio: I got my start in the public sector as a nonprofit fundraiser and worked in that sector for 5 years before applying to Evans. I saw a lot of value in the Non Profit and NGO space, the work these groups do is priceless, but I was frustrated that so many in this sector 'burn out' due to poor management and uninspiring leadership. I want to study leadership and management, as a means to advise these organizations and make them better places to work. The MPA degree at the Evans school is helping me learn the best practices, frameworks, and fundamental knowledge that will enable me to do that.

Why did you choose Evans?: I chose Evans because I knew that I would develop a strong set of tools, models of thinking, and evaluation in the core curriculum. These skills will help ensure I have immediate marketable expertise after graduation, and can be leverage as my career changes over time. Additionally, I knew the people in my cohort would help me learn and grow in ways that can't be done explicitly in a classroom.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Ask me about: The benefits of the Cohort model. Socializing in Seattle. Making new friends and developing a new network of support. Housing areas. Social sports!

Internship: Northwest Passage Consulting

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