Chloe Kinsey

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Focus: Public policy and Analysis; Public Finance and Budgeting.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Bio: I was born and raised in Seattle, but have family roots throughout Washington, Oregon, and Montana. In 2013, I earned my bachelor’s degree in sociology from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. After graduating, I moved back to Seattle and worked for several years on public health research and clinical trials at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the University of Washington Medical Center. While I loved the process of producing research (everything from data collection to writing papers), I realized that I didn’t have a strong personal interest in medicine as a field. I chose to pursue an MPA at the Evans School with the goal of applying those research skills to a field I’m passionate about – public service. I’m focusing my studies on policy analysis and program evaluation, as well as public finance and budgeting. Outside of school, I love to run, hike, and ski (especially cross-country skiing).

Why did you choose Evans? The people – the faculty are really passionate about teaching and about helping students develop professionally. I am also constantly impressed by my classmates’ broad range of backgrounds, skills, and interests – as well as how supportive Evans students are of each other.

Ask me about: Coming into a professional degree program with a small-college, liberal arts background; transitioning from the professional world back into school; hiking/skiing spots near Seattle; best weekend trips in the Pacific Northwest.

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