Hometown: Mill Creek, WA

Focus: International Development; Environmental Policy and Budgeting

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I am a concurrent student getting my MPH and MPA while also working.

I grew up in a suburb north of Seattle and went to UW for undergrad where I got degrees in molecular, cellular, developmental biology, education, and public health. However, I then took almost five years off to work before returning to grad school. I worked in environmental microbiology and disease surveillance on an international scale prior to returning to school and the gaps I saw between what I was doing and how it could be done more effectively and sustainably were a lot of the reason I returned to school. I am getting my Masters in Public Health through the UW School of Public Health (Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences) while also enrolled with the Evans School. In my free time I like to take my dog for hikes and volunteer as a multi-age Girl Scout Leader to a troop of fifteen very energetic girls.

Why did you choose Evans? I chose Evans because it offered the perfect combination of all of my interests. I am interested in both international development and environmental policy along with their interplay, which Evans allows me to do all within the backdrop of my concurrent degrees. The fact that the Evans faculty and the program itself is so highly rated and located in Seattle were just bonuses.

Ask me about: Navigating concurrent degrees, public health, working full-time while attending grad school, anything Seattle/UW/Washington related, returning to grad school after being in the workforce, volunteering with animals around Seattle

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