Lummi Nation, Washington

Bio: Hello! My name is Sharayah Lane. I am an enrolled member of the Lummi Nation and grew up on the reservation. I have lived in Seattle for the past 10 yeas. I got an undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Washington. My work experience has focused on equity and inclusion at a societal and policy level. My tract at Evans will be on public financial management. My hope is to learn more about the intersection of race, equity and finance/economy. I love bringing people together and creating community. 

Why did you choose Evans?: I decided to come to Evans in order to bring my personal experiences, and those of my community, to the larger spaces of decision making. I believe that the only way for policy to be effective is for people most marginalized to be involved in the creation of solutions. 

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ask me about: How a big transition can be made easier when support systems (friends, family, peers) are utilized.

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