Ph.D., University of Michigan
(206) 616-5817

Pam McCann joined the Evans School faculty in 2011. Her research focuses on the intersection between congressional behavior, bureaucratic delegation, federalism, and public policy. She explores the influence of the states and state political institutions on national political maneuvering and policy choices. In particular, she examines the influence of policy actors’ intergovernmental context on legislative choices. Her current work considers the impact of the interaction of state and national political institutions on political choices and policy outcomes.

In additional co-authored work with Charles R. Shipan (University of Michigan) and Craig Volden (University of Virginia), she examines the influence of national policy actions on state political choices (and vice versa) in the diffusion of tobacco policies across the states. Further, she analyzes the construction of judicial review provisions in national legislation from 1947-2008 with Charles R. Shipan (University of Michigan) and Yuhua Wang (University of Pennsylvania).

McCann was the recipient of the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford Fellowship (2010-2011), the University of Michigan’s Rackham Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (2009-2010), the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (2008-2009 and 2004-2005), and was a National Science Foundation IDEAS IGERT fellow (2006-2008).

Current Position: 
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Public Affairs
American Political Institutions
Health Policy
Legislative Behavior
Policy Diffusion