M.S. in Public Policy and Management, University of Washington, 2014
M.S. in Public Health, Harvard University, 2005
B.A. in Sociology and Environmental Studies, University of Vermont, 2001

Prior to joining the Evans School doctoral program, Sarah worked on translational health research at the Harvard School of Public Health and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, focusing on health disparities among vulnerable populations. Prior to this, Sarah managed HIV Housing Services for a Boston AIDS Service Organization and worked in other health service positions. Through these experiences, Sarah witnessed the effects of local, state and federal policies on recipients' health and wellness, and both the opportunities and challenges inherent in social policy implementation. She chose to pursue a doctorate in public policy to gain a broader perspective on how social policies and programs influence health outcomes.

Health Policy
Mixed Methods
Social Welfare Policy
Dissertation Committee Members: 
Scott W. Allard (chair)
Alexes Harris (Sociology)
Heather D. Hill
Robert D. Plotnick
Major Area Paper (MAP) Title: 
Reweaving a Safety Net? A review of how the ACA will impact homeless health care access