Lake Forest Park, WA

Bio: I was born and raised in Lake Forest Park, WA, a quiet Seattle suburb known for having more trees than people. I recently received my B.A. in political science from Stanford, and while it was hard to leave California’s 70+ degree winter days, I couldn’t wait to return home and start school at Evans. I am focusing my MPA on the Public Leadership, Management, and Decision-Making track, and spend most of my extracurricular time building policies that promote positive mental health in the UW community. When I’m not studying, I love playing music with friends, distance running, tutoring high school students, and putting my height to good use on the volleyball court.

Why did you choose Evans?: The academic quality alone was enough to win me over, but the people are really why I love it here. In one year, I have become friends with Peace Corps volunteers, food bank managers, professional photographers, and financial analysts. One of my friends spent two years building a sustainable farming system for a Panamanian village, and another founded a peanut butter production company in Mozambique. You won't find that at just any policy school, but Evans has it in surplus. And that’s awesome.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Ask me about: Mental health, education policy, Seattle politics, transitioning to grad school straight from undergrad

Internship: Port of Seattle

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