Sunnyvale, California

Bio: I was born in Mumbai, India, but moved to the SF Bay Area as a toddler. I grew up in Sunnyvale, California, and double-majored in Spanish Language & Literature and Social Welfare at UC Berkeley. A public health seminar in my sophomore year inspired me to pursue health policy, and eventually lead to my job for the local county government. As an Eligibility Worker, I determined whether individuals and families qualified for public assistance benefits like Medicaid and food stamps. Though I loved the direct-service aspect of my work, I became frustrated that many policies didn’t really address people’s specific needs, and I applied to graduate school for an MPA/MPH to try and change that. Outside of school, I enjoy practicing Aikido (a Japanese martial art), reading, playing D&D and board/video games, and traveling.

Why did you choose Evans?: In no particular order: good beer and coffee nearby, great weather (really, I like it!), a balanced core curriculum and the opportunity to complete a dual degree, beautiful outdoors, and the relative proximity to my family in California.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ask me about: Health policy, international development, global health, and pursuing a dual degree

Internship: Evaluation Intern, Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru

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