Athens, GA

Bio: I grew up in Athens, GA, swimming in rivers and playing lots of soccer. I studied Creative Writing as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, which led me to a communications job for a local nonprofit. After a couple years, I became restless and sought out a new experience by joining an AmeriCorps program doing disaster relief across the country. This taste of public service led me to take another AmeriCorps position, this time with Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County, where I quickly developed a passion for affordable housing issues. Since then, I have worked for other local agencies focused on ending homelessness and have been heavily involved in local organizing and statewide advocacy efforts. I still love to play soccer and swim in rivers, and I've recently developed a love for gardening!

Why did you choose Evans?: I chose the Evans School because I want to continue living and working on housing and homelessness issues in Seattle. Staying here has allowed me to deepen my professional connections and has opened up new opportunities for me in the community.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Ask me about: Housing and homelessness policy

Internship: Washington State Representative Nicole Macri, 43rd Legislative District

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