New York City

Bio: I am a second generation native of New York City. I studied Anthropology and Political Science at Temple University. While always a politically active person, after graduation I primarily worked as a freelance writer for magazines in various sectors of the art world.

However, in 2014, as media coverage of the fatal shootings of unarmed black men became too prevalent for me to ignore, I began to work with the Campaign to Elect a Civilian Review Board, a grassroots organization looking to institute reform for the New York City Police Department through a civilian elected review board that holds the NYPD accountable for violent transgressions. After working with the Campaign, I realized that while we had great policy reform ideas, I was unsure of what the policy process looked like in practice. I decided that I wanted to better understand how policy is designed and implemented in order to better support the communities I care about.
At Evans, I am currently focused on social policy, particularly in examining how institutional racism is codified in policy, and how we can best use economics, data, and policy analysis to remedy this reality. I am currently interning at the Carlson Center, mentoring paid undergraduate interns navigating internships at nonprofits engaged in anti-oppression work, where these students often face intersectional levels of privilege, often for the first time.

Why did you choose Evans?: The Evans School had a curriculum that intrigued me and a prestige that was difficult to ignore. When I received my acceptance, I decided to visit the school for admitted students week. There I met other current and prospective students who inspired me with the sense of community they imparted upon me, even before I had accepted my offer. The University of Washington also had such a beautiful campus, and I could see myself attending classes there for the next two years.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Ask me about: Criminal Justice & Housing Policy

Internship: Youth & Family Empowerment Planning Intern, Seattle Human Services Department

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