Phoenix, AZ / Portland, OR

Bio: I am a hiker, biker, gardener, educator and now a grad student at Evans! I grew up in Phoenix, AZ but have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2004. In 2013, I earned my BA from the University of Washington in International Human Rights. My background is in youth development and education more broadly, but I decided to pursue an MPA to transition my career into environmental policy. 

I am a co-Vice President of the Evans Student Organization (ESO) and a co-Chair for GreenEvans, the environmental student interest group at Evans. 

Why did you choose Evans?: I want to work in the Pacific Northwest, so Evans was an obvious choice for me. But, to be truthful, I have always wanted to go here. I had a class in Parrington (our building!) in undergrad and remember walking up the grand staircase every week and gawking with awe at these grad students who looked so smart and driven. I always wanted to come back after that and be one of those grad students studying real world solutions to actual problems... and now here I am! Aside from romantic sentimentality and location, I was attracted to Evans for the amazing faculty, the great reputation, equity and justice lens, and the passionate and engaged student body.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ask me about: The environmental policy tract and/or student leadership! 

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