Farmington Hills, MI

Bio: I am a non-profit professional and student at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance. I am passionate about philanthropy and organizational management, specifically concerning the topics of education, access, and asset-building in marginalized communities. Originally from the Midwest (born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in metropolitan Detroit, MI), my continuously-developing philosophy on public service is largely based on my 4-year education in servant leadership from the President's Leadership Academy at Bowling Green State University, where I received a BA in journalism. I have worked in the arts & culture and education sectors. In 2013, a childhood friend and I founded Gingerbread Scholars, an education non-profit designed to place low-income Detroit elementary students in community and communication with current college students who share with them similar backgrounds and life experiences.

Why did you choose Evans?: I desired to attend a top-ranked, research-focused institution and simultaneously explore a new city and its culture to continue to diversify my life experiences. Choosing Evans, UW and Seattle positioned me to constantly interact with new systems, ideas and people - an added bonus to the rigorous curriculum and career building opportunities.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Ask me about: Philanthropy, Education, Diversity & Equity

Internship: University of Washington Advancement Office 

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