Huan Xu

Hometown: Wuzhou, Guangxi province, China

Focus: International Development; Social Policy

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Bio: I want to mention that my English name is Orchid. I like this name and my Chinese name. Both are OK for me. I was born in China. I finished my undergraduate in Dalian, China. I studied politics and public administration and also international economics and trade. I like to talk to different people coming from different backgrounds, so please feel free to email me and ask any questions you have in the academic and non-academic field. I speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Talk to me if you are interested in knowing more about China and its languages. Discuss with me if you like risks.

Why did you choose Evans?

 I chose the Evans School because it has diverse academic resources. The top ranking here told me that the school would definitely provide excellent research and learning experience through a well-organized curriculum system. What surprised me was the faculty here were so friendly and willing to help to address any problems we have. They are active and effective.  This was also why I chose to be an ambassador here to help incoming students. I received love, so I want to deliver love.

When I came to the Evans School, I found out a more important reason for the question -- Evans is an inclusive community for students from everywhere. It is amazing because I don’t hesitate to ask questions and I will get answers from the faculty and my peers here. I can trust people at the Evans, and I know they tried and will try their best to support me. We love public policy affairs and issues; we love learning in an equal environment, and we hope to contribute what we learned to the society and the world.

Ask me about: Full-time MPA program, balancing family/work/school, Planning for the first-year graduate school, Practice English through conversations

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