Public Service Clinics

Public Service Clinics link the skills and services of second-year Master of Public Administration (MPA) students with the real-world needs of nonprofit and public agencies. For more than a decade, our students have produced program evaluations, strategic plans, policy analyses, and new program designs. Agencies are invited to submit topic proposals for the 2014-15 projects beginning in July 2014.

How It Works

During the last year of study, MPA students are required to complete a degree or capstone project, which demonstrates mastery of analytic and organizational skills. By participating in Public Service Clinics, students are able to choose from a variety of research topics proposed by regional public and nonprofit agencies. The projects are completed over two academic quarters and work is supervised by experienced Evans School faculty.

Students and agencies are invited to learn more about the structure and timeline for Public Service Clinics by contacting or 206.616.1613.